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HAPPY VIETNAMESE FAMILY DAY (28/06/2001-28/06/2022)

In 2001, the Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam, Phạm Gia Khiêm, signed and promulgated a decision to choose June 28 every year as Vietnamese Family Day. Since then, every year we have one more anniversary day towards a subject that seems familiar but is of great significance to the development of society in general and individuals in particular – the family.


Indeed, for each individual, the family is more than just a shelter nurturing character, educating people about the beautiful and precious cultural values ​​of the homeland and nation. The family is also an important nucleus of society, incubating human resources to build and prosper the country in the future. Vietnamese Family Day is a special annual occasion for family members to care for each other more; for the society to pay more attention to and to help children – especially those who are in difficult circumstances and have no parents. This is also a day for couples to better understand the sacred value of a perfect home and overcome challenges together to ensure an equal, complete and progressive future for their children.


happy vietnamese family day

Happy Vietnamese Family Day (28/06)

On this year’s Vietnamese Family Day, Kỷ Nguyên would like to send to all families and individuals the most sincere wishes. Wishing all families across the country will have happy, warm and meaningful memories together. Wishing the children in difficult circumstances will receive sufficient, timely attention and support from responsible individuals and organisations.



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